Art in your closet

On a recent visit to our workshop in India, I received all smiles as I shot video and photos of the work being produced.  The artisans take so much pride in showing you the craftsmanship of their work. Sometimes there is a language barrier and often a cultural one but the common ground is found in our appreciation of the exquisite workmanship.

When I wear our Mae Kantha stitched dress, I smile thinking of the group of craftswomen who made this by hand while drinking chai tea.  In fact, during my last visit, I walked into an empty workshop and was told everyone was on a tea break. Work must stop for the all-important chai!

Kantha embroidery originated as a way of recycling old or unused cotton sarees in order to create household items such as quilts, comforters, shawls, and more.  It’s one of the oldest forms of embroidery that originated in India. The women that embroider our Mae dress and Mattie blouse, have learned this technique from their mother or grandmother. 

My hope is that you enjoy wearing these pieces of art as much as I do!

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