How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Quarantine

Are you looking for a meaningful way to celebrate your mom at a distance this Mother’s Day? Whether you are social distancing in the same town to stay safe during COVID-19, or simply don’t live near your mom, there are still many sweet ways to show her love from afar. I know it can seem like flowers and phone calls are too simple or overdone, but it really means a lot when you’re celebrating at a distance. There are always ways to personalize these thoughtful gestures to represent you both and your unique relationship.

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Send her flowers. Do you know your mom’s favorite blooms? Or even her favorite colors? Locate a florist near you and work with them to come up with the perfect Mother’s Day arrangement. Obviously, I’m partial to this as the owner of a flower shop, but that also means I’ve seen a lot of happy flower recipients! This is especially meaningful if you already know your mom is a big flower or plant lover, loves to garden, decorate with flowers, etc.

Send a handwritten card. When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, thoughtful gestures don’t go unnoticed. Take the time to draft a personalized message, then write it out with pretty ink on textured paper. You could even buy a custom stamp you know she’d love! 

Schedule a Facetime call, or Zoom chat with the whole family. By now you might be used to meeting friends for a Zoom happy hour or the occasional Facetime catch-up, but there is nothing like being able to SEE each other, even when you can’t be with each other. What if mom has never Facetimed before? That’s an even better reason to experience this with her!

Watch TV or a movie “together”. Do you and your mom have a favorite show or movie in common? (Or something you’d both like to see in theaters, now that you can order them at home?) Schedule the same tune-in time, so you can text each other in real-time or recap juicy details during a post-show phone call. My mom and I love Downton Abbey. The flowers, the clothes, the conversations, the family dynamics… there is so much to talk about there!

Surprise delivery. If you live within driving distance of mom but want to keep safely distanced, you can always bake a favorite dessert or cook a casserole and leave it at her door for Mother’s Day dinner. Or what about a big Mother’s Day brunch spread? Be sure to deliver that handwritten note, too! 

Lastly, if your mom loves to shop for fashion online, you can purchase a gift card to Souk Indigo or her favorite online boutique. Supporting small businesses is more important than ever, and we are so appreciative of anyone who chooses to celebrate their loved ones this way!

Wishing you all a happy Mother’s Day, no matter how you celebrate.

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