How to Lift Your Spirits & Stay Inspired

It can be tough to stay positive when life throws challenges your way, but even more so during such a tumultuous year. You may have a wonderful support system, daily gratitude practice, and beautiful plans on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean you won’t come down with a case of the blues every now and then. It’s those times—when you need a new way to break the cycle of negativity—that a low key, creative activity will help to lift your spirits! For us, it’s focusing on what makes us feel truly excited and inspired… here’s what we mean:

Dress for the mood you want

You know how they say to dress for the job you want? You can apply this same idea to the energy you want to feel and put forth. Here are a few ways clothes can make you feel more positive and inspired:

  • According to color psychology, surrounding yourself with favorite colors can lift your mood—which definitely applies to what you wear!
  • Patterns and embellishments that remind you of your favorite artists or design trends can keep you inspired
  • Wearing clothes that truly comfort you—that feel good on your skin—is a sensory experience that can turn your whole day around! Think of how frustrating it is when you have to wear something uncomfortable all day… why not create the opposite experience?
  • Wearing clothes you feel good in and inspired by can make you feel more confident which in turn will help you cope better with challenges throughout your day 

Planning is half the fun

Are you one of those people who loves to plan travel, celebrations, or creative projects? This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for some of us the planning is half of the adventure! 2020 is a tough year for those of us who love planning, especially if it involves traveling or entertaining. But this daydreaming period is important even if you can’t bring it to life just yet. Let this be a chance to dream big! Whether it’s your dream getaway, house, wardrobe, passion project, or other bucket list item, here are a few fun ways to stay inspired: 

  • Create a Pinterest board or mood board and add to it every day
  • Follow blogs, Instagram accounts or any email lists that will keep you updated and inspired by your dream endeavor!
  • Make a list of a few fun, but practical steps you can take to start bringing your dream to reality

Spread kindness

Learning about how people are helping each other and finding your own way to spread kindness is key to boosting your mood (and making a difference while your'e at it)! Subscribe to inspiring publications and positive news outlets like Good Good Good, TED, Good News Network, and Zen Habits. Once you start receiving good news in your inbox, you’ll be inspired to spread it further. You could forward the good news onto a friend or contribute your own time and talents to a cause that inspires you just as much! Spreading kindness doesn’t have to mean a big sweeping gesture, those small actions throughout your day really make a difference. 

How do you stay positive or lift your spirits when you are feeling down? How do you cheer others up when they are facing tough times? Share your ideas with us!

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