How to Wear Chartreuse

It’s safe to say we could all use a little cheering up right about now and the shade of chartreuse used in our Virginia Dress (also in four other colorways) is definitely what we would call cheerful. If you're wondering how to pull off such a unique trend, we're showing you two ways to wear chartreuse with Virginia as our anchor:

There are two distinct approaches you can take when it comes to styling a bold color like chartreuse: You can either let the color stand on its own as the focal point of your outfit, which is great for elevating casual days. Or, you can elevate the rest of your outfit by pairing it with contrasting colors and prints and other fun, out-of-the-box accessories. Here's both in action:

how to wear chartreuse trend

All We Are Queen Bee Drop Earring | Cosel Blue Scarf | Yull Shoes Boss Babe Flats | The Hoff Brand Abbey Road Sneakers | Theavant Denim Bleach Jacket | Carrie Elizabeth Jewelry Moonstone Round Cut Ring

Dressed Up: There may be a fine line between "just right" and "overboard" (although as color lovers we encourage you to wear whatever you love!), and the way to balance it is with pieces that complement, not clash. This beautiful blue butterfly scarf might clash if worn around the neck, but as a hair tie it makes for a perfect accent. The earrings tie in both blue and pink and these deep hues make quite the statement against chartreuse. Sticking to flats and forgoing any additional jewelry balances it all out. 

Dressed Down: The Virginia dress is the epitome of laidback luxury with its T-shirt silhouette and striking mirror work (again, balance!). You can throw it on with a pair of sneakers (we found a great match but a crisp white works too) and a denim jacket to complete the look. We love a bit of dainty jewelry to add another little luxury to casual outfits. 

Which look is more your style? Statement on statement, or let the piece shine? 


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