The Art of Mirror Work in Our Embroidered Clothing

We recently shared that Kantha embroidery is the foundation for many of our pieces, especially our last collection, and why it’s so important to us in our clothing designs. But there are so many more techniques that go into a single piece we produce. If you’ve browsed two of our most intricate products, the Vesta Jacket and Will Lee Dress, you’ve seen one of our favorite embellishments—mirror work.

mirror work - sustainable fashion by Souk Indigo

Mirror work is an iconic part of traditional Indian embroidery. The use of mirrors is believed to have stemmed from the belief that they could ward off the evil eye, but as time passed they became known for representing nature and landscapes. Adding a reflective element is particularly beautiful when paired with multicolored threads like in the Willa Lee dress.

Nowadays, different regions throughout India have their own distinct styles of mirror work. The Vesta Jacket is a celebration of many styles—our embroiderers are from all different regions of India and come together in Mumbai, so this blend of style represents our artisans too. And of course we dream up our own take on the style with other embellishments and our favorite color ways. We are really excited to continue imagining new ways to use mirrors and other traditional techniques in future designs!

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