Now is a Good Time to Spring Clean Your Closet

Many of us do some form of “spring cleaning” at this time each year, but sometimes that just means packing up the coats and tossing those “what was I thinking?” pieces from the Spring before. If you’re stuck inside and a little stir crazy, this is an activity sure to keep you occupied! ;) But rather than just being a much-needed (and productive!) distraction, the reduction in clutter can help you keep stress at home to a minimum during this chaotic time.

It may be an intimidating project to take on, but breaking it up into steps and individual tasks can make it easier. Refer to ours below for a little direction on how to spring clean your closet:

how to spring clean your closet

Review storage options.
While cleaning out your closet, you’re sure to find some items you want to keep but that don’t need to take up space in your everyday wardrobe… Especially if you live in an area where seasons are drastically different and spring cleaning really does mean swapping bulky winter attire for warmer-weather clothes. Know where and how much you can store elsewhere before you begin so you can take this into account while decluttering.

Determine the process. Will you pull all clothing from your closet and everywhere else in your home and pile it on the bed, KonMari style? Or do you prefer a different approach? Just make sure you are able to go through everything one-by-one.

Try on everything. This will make the biggest, lasting impression on the state of your wardrobe. It’s kind of like answering the “does this spark joy” question visually. It’ll make it perfectly clear which pieces you truly love and which are just not working!

Keep, fix, or toss. Many spring cleaning guides leave out this important option—to fix what’s wrong with a piece of clothing! In trying on everything you will find a few stowaway pieces that would be perfect if only hemmed, tailored, dry cleaned, etc. This will cut down on any replacement shopping and is a step toward a sustainable wardrobe.

FaceTime a friend. In this season of “social distancing” consider bringing a friend in virtually to help you make tough decisions. Make sure it’s a friend who knows you well and, of course, has good taste! You’ll need a voice of reason if you have trouble letting go.

Categorize discarded items. Almost nothing you have needs to end up in a landfill. Separate items to donate (and remove those you’d like to sell or swap with friends) from clothing that is truly beyond repair. Well-worn shoes, lots of stains and holes, and awkwardly shrunken sizes are all things that will ultimately be discarded from a thrift store too, where it will not likely be recycled. Take it upon yourself to drop them off at a textile recycling center so they can be given a new life—even if you cannot get there right away. This works for your linen closet, too!

Organize. Putting away clothes isn’t so bad when you’ve actually made room in your closet. Decide how you want to organize your closet and get to it! Keep one thing in mind the entire time—ease. What makes it easiest for you to put together an outfit? What makes it easiest for you to truly see ALL of your options each day?

Shopping list. The last piece of the puzzle is a shopping list. You just spent an entire day taking inventory of your closet, put it to good use by noting which items you really need to refresh. Chances are you won’t be restocking everything at the same time, but it offers up a little direction next time you’re browsing your favorite shops. Who knows, maybe our new Spring collection has something you’re missing! 

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