Quick and Easy Wellness Tips for Fall

It’s been a busy month with photo shoots and travel to markets and trunk shows -- all very exciting! But we’re all looking forward to a slower month ahead where we can embrace fall and everything that makes this season so great. It’s easy to fall off wellness routines when the season gets busy, but they can actually be really relaxing… especially if you can indulge in a little alone time! 

Lift your mood on dreary days

If you live in a cooler climate you might be spending a lot of upcoming time indoors. Even here in Louisiana we have lots of rain, so the dark skies can be a downer. Having good books or podcasts on-hand will help you cozy up rather than go stir-crazy. And yes—you can go all out and make your own sanctuary with fall scented candles, warm lighting, and calming music. If you find yourself with some alone time, it might be a good time to create a holiday “de-stress” plan, where you can make sure to incorporate easy self care rituals like hot baths and mindfulness meditations into your schedule for when things get bustling!

Take care of skin during weather changes 


As fall progresses, skin and hair tend to dry out and leave us with rough hands and staticky strands of hair. First, never underestimate the need to stay hydrated—and while you sip favorite fall teas or honey lemon water for any colds, you’ll want to make sure to drink plenty more water. If your skin is already dry though, one easy and eco-friendly way to address it is to exfoliate by dry brushing. Dry brushing has similar effects to a body scrub, but without the need of products or chemicals—just a wooden or bamboo brush with natural bristles that you can clean and reuse again and again.

How it works: After undressing and before showering, take the brush and gently brush your skin in a circular motion, from your feet and legs all the way to your arms and shoulders. The key here is gentle—and not for too long. You can do this once or twice a week, or if your skin is really sensitive, every other week. Just hop in the shower after and wash as normal! Like any exfoliation, it sloughs off dead skin, so once you’re done washing up your skin will feel soft and refreshed. Afterward, moisturize with oil (I love Josie Maran especially when traveling) or your favorite lotions. 

Nourish with comfort foods

Fall (and the holidays) are all about comfort foods. When the temps drop in Louisiana, we all light fires and cook gumbo. My great aunt passed down one of Holly Clegg’s earlier cookbooks, A Trim & Terrific Louisiana Kitchen, which is great for making our most beloved meals more nutritious. Her baked roux healthier gumbo is excellent!

No matter where you live, you can use Pinterest to get inspired to make your favorite comfort foods and experiment with new recipes. Even better if you can make them a bit healthier or give an old tradition a new twist that works for you and your family’s dietary needs.  

How do you stay happy and healthy when fall rolls around? Share your traditions with us.

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