Souks of the World

Bazaar, market, medina, it what you like, it’s usually the center of commerce and the best place for treasure hunting.  Some of the oldest souks in the world are located in places like Cairo, Istanbul, and Jerusalem.

After launching Souk Indigo, I started planning visits to the souks of the world.   I find planning and anticipating a trip can be part of the fun. I want to share the experience with you.  Let’s get started!

spice display in souk

Khan market in Cairo Egypt is among the oldest, dating back to 1382! 

The covered bazaar in Istanbul is considered the largest with nearly 5,000 vendors spread over 60 streets.  The spice bazaar in Istanbul provides a photographers paradise.

Djemaa el Fna in Marrakesh, Morocco is the spot for watching snake charmers and buying anything brass.

Like all the souks so far, the Old City of Jerusalem is said to be a sensory overload.  I want to explore all four quarters, Christian, Armenian, Muslim, and Jewish quarters.  

Allepo, Syria has over 20 miles of covered souks.  I hear the buyer should beware, an old Syrian proverb says, “An Aleppine can sell even a dried donkey skin”.

The gold souk in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is among the reasons Dubai earned the nickname, “City of Gold”.

The Manama Souk in Bahrain is the heart of the city.  Narrow colorful alleys, the smell of spices and the tasting of Bahraini Halwa are the highlights of this souk.

The warning is to never go on an empty stomach to the Mahane Yehuda market in Israel because there are over 250 food vendors!

Souk Al-Mubarakiya located in Kuwait City, Kuwait is said to be a must-see! Traditional foods to traditional textiles and everything in between can be found here.

Muttrah souk in Muscat, Oman boasts exquisite inlaid wood boxes and a variety of antique sellers that helps distinguish this souk from others in the Middle East.

Souk El Had in Agadir, Morocco is not only the largest souk in Morocco but in all of Africa! 

Adventure, charm, mystery, imagination, anticipation...all experienced in the Souks of the World.  So much waiting to be discovered...let’s go!


Beautiful! I was traveling to every Souk in my head with each word. I can only imagine the treasures to be seen.. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journey.

Shelia Bolwahnn October 14, 2019

VERY INTERESTING ! I LOVE the spice picture. and ALL the different colors

Stephanie Belgard October 03, 2019

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