The Adventure Begins

What connection does a small-town Louisiana girl have with the far-flung, exotic land of India? Two words, Artisan textiles. 

On a trip to London, I was meandering through the Camden Lock market and discovered vintage Afghani textiles.  I kept asking the proprietor questions about his home and history. He eventually leads me to the “good stash”.  

I sat on the ground and began digging through the stacks of fabric remnants.  The handwork and patina were extraordinary. I can only imagine the story behind each piece.  I was hooked and wanted more.  

I scoured markets and compiled a collection of vintage embroidery and beaded remnants from tribal clothing.  These cherished pieces helped inform the first collection.  

Inspired by my discoveries, I eventually realized what I wanted to do...create a clothing line that utilized exquisite hand detailing but fit my laid back lifestyle.  Fast forward nearly two years later, my plans and dreams took shape in the Fall 2019 collection.   

Researching various fabric and needlework techniques ultimately led me to the textile rich country of India.  I feel as though I have just scratched the surface of what is possible in India. Won’t you join me as I discover new ways to interpret time-honed techniques into easy to wear silhouettes?


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I adore textiles, texture, and anything vintage. So thrilled about your journey. Fabulous line of clothes.

Renee Moncla August 16, 2019

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