What to Wear on a Summer Road Trip

Road trip season is here and we’re all more than ready to emerge from our houses and get exploring! While you’ll want to adhere to your area’s safety regulations and any COVID-19 travel restrictions, a miniature getaway or even a day trip with a couple of loved ones can be an excellent way to get out of the house without venturing too far. Do you know what to wear on your next road trip?

ethical summer dress by souk indigo

If you’re still in the beginning stages of planning a summer road trip, here are a few ideas! (Tip: To do your best to avoid crowds, plan for a weekday or when there is a bit of a chill in the weather forecast! Everyone else will be planning for the warmest, sunniest day.)

• Explore your nearest state or national park 

• Research local hidden gems such as hiking spots & scenic overlooks

• Head to a small town to shop outdoor markets and support small businesses

• If you want to be outside but aren’t feeling particularly adventurous, you can always plan a scenic road trip that stops at various public parks for a picnic break or leisurely walk!

What to Wear on a Road Trip

Tara Nolan of The Conscious Connoisseur is wearing our Emily Embroidered Dress in Denim. Guatemalan textiles inspired the colorful embroidery that runs down the center and sleeve of this perfect warm-weather shift dress. The airy silhouette makes it perfect for a low-key adventure like a day trip or picnic. Who needs shoes?

If pants are more your style, we suggest our Harper wide leg pant in Chambray. That way you'll still enjoy the comfort of pants made from soft cotton chambray, with a wide leg that honestly feels like pajamas! Just tuck in a simple white tee and you have an instant outfit that is perfect for hours in the car and your planned adventure... No outfit change required. Check them out here!

Prefer to stick with shorts? Pair them with an airy top like Maya, an embroidered gauze blouse with a neckline that's been hand-embroidered by our artisan partners. The textured gauze cotton distracts from any wrinkles, so no need to worry about freshening up after a long period in the car.

Souk Indigo Summer Road Trip

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