You need a Vesta in your life!

Wearing the Vesta jacket makes you feel like a rock star.  It’s not just the way the jacket fits, the vibrant colors and hand-embroidered details.  There is something know that one piece in your closet that you put on when you need to feel powerful, confident, fearless?  You hold your head up and put your shoulders back when you walk because you know you look as good as you feel.

Being around Vesta, the woman, also makes you feel this way.  She often greets you with a loud sound, like a yell of sorts, because she is so thrilled to see you.  The automatic reaction is a smile. I have never seen anyone react to Vesta with anything other than smiles, hugs and sometimes even tears of joy.  She has a way of making you feel like your a total rock star! You believe it when she says, “You Beautiful Doll!”  


Please don’t misunderstand me, Vesta is completely sincere in her compliments.  She has a way of looking into your eyes and seeing the person you’re striving to become.  She sees all the potential and none of the faults. Her unconditional love for people around her oozes from every pore of her being.  She’s the nurturing mother, grandmother, aunt, friend you always wished for. 

Vesta Jacket

Each Vesta jacket took the embroiderer 120 hours to complete.  Utilizing a style of embroidery that originated in the Kutch region of India.  This area is dry and drought-prone. Some say the use of mirrors in the embroidery represents water, an important element in the desert.  As you wear the jacket, it glistens and reflects light. Reflecting the light is something Vesta the woman has mastered.  

There have been many articles written and words spoken about this incredible woman, much more eloquent than these.  But I wanted to introduce you to the women behind the name. The woman who is a mentor to me, not just because of her many talents but more importantly because of how she makes you feel when you're around her.  I hope you have a Vesta in your life!


“Reflecting the light …” ❤️❤️❤️
Your talent lies not only in the tapestry of your textiles, but also in your tapestry of thought and word!

Gaye October 14, 2019

So true…What beautiful words about a beautiful lady…
Well said

Stephanie September 04, 2019

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