Behind the Souk

Souk Indigo merges the best of the souk with contemporary textures and fits. Each collection incorporates time-honored artisan techniques combined with natural fabrics for laidback luxury that lasts.

handmade luxury is...

IN THE FABRIC with natural fabrics like hand-loomed cotton and silk.

IN THE DETAILS with intricate hand-embroidery + other traditional techniques.

IN THE FIT with contemporary silhouettes you can dress up or down.

IN THE PROCESS with consideration of every color, fiber, tradition, designer, artisan, and impact, every step of the way.

the souk indigo fit

OUR GARMENTS ARE a sensory experience—a delightful overwhelm sparked by kaleidoscopic colorways and intricate embroidery. As exciting and hopeful as your very first adventure abroad. But it’s the fit that takes our designs from statement to staple. Anchored in easy wear, our garments elevate a closet full of lived-in essentials, weaving together a wardrobe worthy of exploration whether around the globe or right at home.

about our founder & designer

With a background in floristry, I’ve always been captivated by natural beauty and minute details. I experienced both in a new way on my first trip to India. India’s history, culture, art, architecture, and textiles gave the word “detail” a whole new meaning.

Many trips spent meandering shops in Hauz Khas village, fabric hunting in Jaipur, and other travels in India and globally left me with a growing textile collection. 

Instead of collecting, I wanted to make these artisan textiles wearable—to add color and considered details to luxury garments with a contemporary fit. At this point I had many friends in India to collaborate with. We decided that I would design the clothing, they would adorn it with traditional artwork. Souk Indigo was born!

where are we now?

I traveled around the US for markets and trade shows and in August 2019, we launched our online shop. Our first collection celebrated kutch embroidery and kantha stitching. For Spring we incorporated block printing. Now we have hand-loomed fabrics in our line as well.

Join our journey as we introduce more exciting artisan collaborations!