Behind the Souk

Souk Indigo merges the best of the souk with contemporary textures and fits. “Souk” represents the exotic marketplace while “Indigo” represents vegetable-dyes and Amber Broussard’s floriculture roots.

The Inspiration

The Souk Indigo aesthetic is best described as “fashion from the ground up”.  Just as grafting in horticulture helps plants become stronger and last longer… melding ancient textile techniques with current design helps keep cultures relevant and alive. Each piece strives to honor heritage while supporting local artisans.

Your ticket to a world of culture and style

No passport required. Natural eco-fabric garments are layered or worn alone, melding age-old techniques with artisan touches and luxurious, considered details. Inspired by nature, global travel, literature and the textiles themselves.

About the Designer

Designer Amber Broussard hails from generations of creative philanthropic entrepreneurs. She credits her parents with her core values of empathy, ingenuity and hard work.

Met with a newfound passion for vintage textiles on her travels, coupled with a desire to advance the artisans- the idea for Souk Indigo was soon born. With the launch of natural, vegetable-dyed womenswear brand Souk Indigo, the flower shop owner’s journey has truly come full circle.